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For people that suffer from poor mechanics of the foot, it may be very uncomfortable and painful. The human foot is made of twenty-six completely different bones that are bound along by ligaments and muscles. Biomechanical issues of the foot will cause misalignment that causes stress on these bones and in turn can cause pain to different joints like the ankle, knee, and back which will be feeling pressure from uneven weight distribution. An orthotic is a device which will improve and restore the natural function of the foot; orthotics insoles are significantly beneficial in doing this.

Orthotic insoles versus regular insoles:

It is important that orthotic insoles mixed up with regular insoles which will be purchased cheaply in supermarkets and similar sports shop and stores. These regular insoles are designed strictly for comfort and shock absorption. Though they can be very comfortable to wear and feel like they are working to assist, they will not get down to or aid in determination the biomechanical cause of pain or disorder that you may be feeling. Orthotics insoles are commonly designed to alter and manage the function of your foot to modify even weight distribution across all joints and ease any pain that is being caused to the feet from disorders like heel spurs, bunions, corns or ankle pains.

Types of orthotic insoles:

There are different types of orthotic insoles in Singapore for various problems. This can be caused when the arch of a person`s foot has collapsed under weight bearing and can cause several different problems. If you are stricken by flat feet, it may be wise to see an orthopedist for assessment, analysis and treatment of the problem through prescribing a custom made orthotics and insoles.

Heat moldable insoles are also available that may be a more cost friendly way of shopping for orthotics. Custom made orthotics may be expensive. Heat moldable insoles may be manipulated through the use of applied heat to fine-tune to your feet. These can be easier than custom made insoles but may not provide as much support within the future.

Insoles come in 5 differing types, these are:

  • Rigid insoles- to manage movement
  • Semi-rigid insoles – for athletes and physical activity, providing balance
  • Soft insoles – to supply pain relieve and ease pressure
  • Calibrated (customized) insoles – to assist flexibility and weight

A proprioceptive insole provides support by applying a tactile stimulation to the bottom of the foot. The tactile stimulation transmits an indication to the neural structure. Acting on this signal, the neural structure initiates a postural correction affecting the whole body. It neutralizes the body to a more upright balanced gait posture; therefore permitting the body to move in a more balanced posture.

Custom insoles in Singapore is insoles that are created to suit the specific requirements needed to fix the biomechanical problem. Once the problem has been assessed through a range of joint motion tests and gaits analysis, a bearing and cast will be made of your foot. This can be then passed on to an orthoptist to fabricate a pair of customized orthotics, with instructions from the orthodontist that are catered specifically to your foot.

Orthotic insoles can be purchased over the counter as well while not prescription and can be simply slotted into orthopedic shoes that cater to the specific user of such devices. However, commercial/normal shoes may not be able to cater excess space for insoles except the foot.