Is nail art lasts longer and which nails last longer?

Many of us have experienced the agony of painting our own nails, only to see our works of art slowly chipping away to naught within the next few days. Gelish nails last longer than regular manicures, but many of us budget babes are unwilling to part with an average of $40 just to dress our nails . You do not have to suffer from constantly chipped nail polish, or fork out extravagant prices for gel nails any longer. These nail salons will adorn your digits with the manis and pedis you have been longing for, without draining your wallet dry.

Lily Nails Salon (Bugis). Lily nails salon singapore cheap manicure gelish. Image credit: koipe. In Lily Nails Salon, you can get an Express Gel Manicure plus a free soak-off for only $16! They also do affordable Express Gelish Pedicures for $20, and an Express Gelish Mani and …

The best thing about Casamia – apart from their extremely affordable gelish nail services – is that their spa chairs are concealed behind a discreet wall for privacy so you can enjoy your nail spa in peace without kaypoh passers-by awkwardly glancing in. It rarely gets better than this: at Lily Nails Salon, you can get an Express Gel Manicure plus a free soak-off for only $16! They also do affordable Express Gelish Pedicures for $20, and an Express Gelish Mani .

Many Punggol-dwellers can relate to the pain of enduring multiple train transfers before actually getting to town. But here’s some great news: you don’t have to dive into the bustle of Orchard just to get a manicure. Fancy Nails Paradise certainly lives up to its name – but fortunately at less fancy prices. Enjoy a $25 express gelish manicure as you bask in this baby blue themed salon and lounge in their oversized princes armchairs. Buried in the nook of this HDB void deck in Tampines is Coco Nail and Makeup, a cosy salon great for a quick gelish mani if you live in the area. Don’t be fooled by its humble exterior – as you step into the shop, you’ll find an array of nail polish lining its walls and expensive-looking leather chairs.

Conveniently located  in Bugis Cube. The Unique Crystal Beauty House boasts a swanky interior with lace patterned wallpaper ,  luxurious velvet curtains and sofas fit for royalty. Better still, you can get an Express Gel Manicure here for just $25! If you have  always avoided getting your nails done at the best nail salons in singapore. Then head to Mocha Nail Bar located just a 4-minute walk from Bedok MRT station. This nail bar offers frequent promotions where you can get an Express Gel Manicure for $25 (U.P. $38). You can also take advantage of their offers on other beauty services during their promotional periods, including Eyebrow Shaping for $8 (U.P. $15) and Nose Blackhead Removal for $5 (U.P. $20).

Need to keep your nails looking divine as part of your never-ending beauty regime?

We know we do! That’s why we are bringing you  the best nail salons in Singapore, which have – you know it – nailed it when it comes to mani, pedis, gelish, nail art, acrylics and more. Now, if you’ll excuse us, that perfect pedi is waiting for us.You may know them better as the masters of blowouts, but lucky for us folks, The Big Blow does makeup and manicures too! Looking for a quick polish and buff for both your pinkies and tootsies before heading out? Give these fairy godmothers a call, and they’ll transform you in the comfort of your home in a snap – from nails to your hair and makeup! Centrally located and beautiful to boot the home nails prides itself on providing premium services at affordable prices – amen to that! Its team of nail technicians boasts at least four years of experience under their belts, so rest assured that you’ll definitely be in good hands. The best part? The sky’s the limit – whether it’s gel extension, 3D nail art, gelish or bridal – trust these guys to make your dream designs happen!