Is the relationship good between parents and children?

Toys and games can be more beneficial, educational and innovative. You must be thinking, “This is too good to be true!” right? Well, it’s true! Toys can be all of the above! At least, this is what Smart Alley believes. After many years of retailing toys and games in Singapore, we found that it is difficult for parents to find toys that do not glorify violence. In fact, we realized that what parents really want for their children are toys and games that guide them in using their imagination and creativity, and at the same time equipping them with useful skills. So finally we said, “We have had enough!” It is time for development toys for baby to make a change. Our toys are selected so that customers spend their money that is returned with high quality, innovative and educational products.

To promote quality educational products and “hands-on” learning products that is relevant, engaging and imaginative, for effective learning. To become the leader in the provision of educational products that enriches learning in the community of Singapore and beyond. We do wholesale and are pleased and eager to work with you. We hope to offer an ongoing relationship, providing outstanding service and support for our products. We are excited to be able to offer high quality educational products and teacher’s resources that have been recognized worldwide by teachers and students. We hope our products will be a great aid to your teaching staff, and at the same time encourage learning, imagination and creativity for your students. You can enjoy more discounts and benefits by signing up for a wholesale account with us.

What is an innovative way of teaching?

A well know proverb that means, without time off from work or studying, a person becomes both bored and thus boring. However, as parents, we would want our child to excel in their studies that in return leads them to a better future. So how do we let them play and yet not let them indulge in dopey games or toys?  Don’t know how and where to start goggling? Here are some places that you can try popping by to get educational toys that intrigue your child’s mind through play. One of the most well known brands in the educational toy space, Learning Resources carries more than 1100 educational toys and products that are suitable for toddlers and children of all ages. Their selection of products includes play and learning activity sets, manipulative and games which also contains some creativity toys for children. Their line of products helps to build foundational skills for your children in areas like exploration, imagination and fun! Because of their experience and partnerships with top educators, they have also been able to develop many award-winning toys and products.

Housing some of the most popular brands of educational toys in the world, TOYTAG’s range of learning toys and games will show you exactly what it means to mix learning with fun. From learning about electricity and magnets to being creative with 3d printing pens and coding games, TOYTAG’s specially created set of toys are meant to engage and help kids learn in a fun and stimulating manner. Providing both an offline and online experience, you can drop by their store to get a hands-on experience of the different toys and games or just purchase online and have it delivered to your place! Whether you are looking for a unique and practical birthday present or something meaningful for your child, you should definitely check TOYTAG out first.