What are the techniques to learn good vocabulary and comprehension passages?

Through lively and engaging teaching process your child will know the techniques and apply a wide range of vocabulary for good composition writing. He will also learn comprehension skills through the different levels of the question set in comprehension passages.  Besides, he will be trained in oral and reading skills that are required for oral and listening examination. This course is specially designed for students who do not have a head start from Chinese enrichment classes, speak mainly English and need to build a concrete foundation for the language.

This course aims to:

  • build a foundation through content and pace that suits the student group
  • strengthen oral ability through vocabulary expansion and situational conversation practices
  • cultivate reading interest and strengthen comprehension ability

This course is designed to prepare students in acquiring oral skills for the schools’ oral examination. In the course of the fun-filled teaching process and the usage of multimedia, students will learn common nouns, adjectives in describing a scene, common idioms and conversational practices. This course is specially designed for students to acquire the skill set required during secondary school level (Express/Higher Chinese) and follow closely to the MOE syllabus. It aims to help students overcome the barriers and prepare them for the GCE O’ level examination as early as their first year in secondary school.

As your child progresses to secondary level, he/she will realize that the writing skills and ability to comprehend the essays needed for exceed that of primary level. In this course, your child will be taught the requirement and approach for the different types of the essay such as narrative essay, expository essay, argumentative writing, practical writing and summary writing etc. We offer various holiday courses ranging from early childhood to secondary level. Information about our holiday courses will be released during mid-April and mid-September of the year. The vacation sectors are academic to develop the interest in the learning of teaching and fun-filled activities.

Except for Chinese courses what are the courses provided to the schools?

Besides offering fun and enriching Chinese courses in our centers, we also provide enrichment courses to schools, childcare centers, and kindergartens. All these courses are designed and conducted by our professional instructors who have many years of experience. In this introductory Mandarin Chinese course, learn to speak, read and write the Mandarin Chinese language. These Mandarin Chinese classes are planned for those with no previous information about the Chinese language. You can learn Mandarin Chinese through situations such as greetings, saying goodbye, catching a taxi and asking for directions. In your lessons, you will initiate the attractive study of Chinese characters. The Chinese courses will also place emphasis on the four speech tones of the Chinese language.

Reinforce your basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese with this practical language course. The Mandarin language for day by day position such as valuable of time, making a phone call and being a guest. Grammar and more characters are also introduced for study. Enhance your developing knowledge of Mandarin Chinese language by expanding your written and conversational skills. In this course of study, learn Chinese with such topics as the weather, health and exchanging points of view. To learn more about Higher Chinese classes and for more information click here.