Things we must know about kids and germs!

In these germ-phobic times, it is easy to feel guilty for skipping the kids’ bath on a hectic evening or handing our baby’s paci back straight from the floor without rinsing it. The dirty truth: It is nearly impossible to keep our kids perfectly clean all the time. Luckily, we do not have to.

 Cleaning our hands with only a baby wipe after a diaper change

Washing with soap and hot water is the best way to get our hands clean, but wipes will do in a pinch, removing most of the germs that go with the poop

For more thorough on-the-go cleanings, he recommends following up with an alcohol-based wipe, foam, or gel, which works great for our children, too (just remove any visible dirt on the hands with a wipe first). Giving our child something — a BPA free baby bottles in Singapore, a pacifier, a cookie — that has fallen on the ground

For the most part, brief contact with the ground is not anything to worry about. In fact, when it comes to catching the latest cold or flu virus, the floor is no riskier than a tabletop or counter. If our child does ingest bacteria, “stomach acid protects him against most things.

Wiping the item on our shirt or with a napkin may remove some of the visible dirt, which is good — and far better than cleaning it in our mouth.

Skipping the bath for a day or two — or three

“Every time we bathe, we strip the skin of essential oils, which can lead to dry skin problems.” Most children who have not reached puberty can get away with bathing and hair washing once or twice a week because they do not have major body-odor issues.

 Skipping tooth brushing

One or two days and nights without clean chambers are not going to cause a major problem, though we would not want to go longer than that. On the days we are tempted to dodge the brush, pay attention to what our child has eaten before bed. It is more critical to clean kids’ teeth when they have filled up on prime cavity culprits like carbohydrates or acidic foods. Some children are more cavity-prone than others, though, so if our child already has fillings, it is crucial to brush daily. If not, at least try to make him swish some water around in his mouth and spit it out to reduce acid and rinse out lingering food particles.

Neglecting to dust or vacuum

“Parents get so worried about dust, but the dust we see is not what causes allergies or asthma.” The real culprits are dust mites and other microscopic particles that settle in carpets, bedding, and upholstery. Covering mattresses and pillows in an impermeable casing and washing sheets in hot water — ideally once a week — will keep them under control.

Not changing the bathwater after our child has peed in it

“Urine is sterile; we are not exposing them to germs”.” For the same reason, gross as it may sound, pee in public swimming pools also poses a little health risk”.

Cleaning our child’s face with our saliva

While saliva’s not an ideal cleaning agent because it can transmit illnesses, it has some antibacterial properties; after all, it does protect and bathe our teeth and our mouth.

Letting our child use his sleeve as a hankie

“That dried-on, crusted stuff on our children’s clothes is perfectly safe.”Once the secretions are dry, they really cannot infect.” If we do not have a tissue handy, using a sleeve to wipe snot is better than letting it drop on a communal surface, possibly spreading germs to other people.

Skipping baby wipes when changing wet diapers

If it is just urine we are dealing with, we do not always have to use a wipe. “The newest diapers are so absorbent; they actually take a lot of urine away from the skin.” Plus, since urine is a clean substance, letting a small amount dry on the skin should not be irritating unless our child

already has a diaper rash or there is poop in his wet diaper, too. The important thing is to avoid trapping in moisture, so whether we are using wipes or not, let our child air-dry before diapering again.

In the end, “try to relax about keeping our kids clean, a mom of three who had to shrug it off when she once found her son eating a pickle he’d discovered on the floor of a bagel shop.”If our bodies really were that sensitive, we’d be sick all the time.”

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